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invest in yourself

learn a life long skill with our 2 day, hands on training. 1:1 & group courses available


Classic & Volume lash extension  training 
$300 deposit required when enrolling

In this training course you'll learn many things like eye shapes, lash mapping, lash  curl, diameter & lengths to use for certain clients, sanitation, disinfection, how to stay organized and so much more beyond the lash extension application. 

You'll also receive 15% off lash supplies for a lifetime

(discount code provided)

Class schedule 

day one:

10am Introduction, Theory and Exit exam 

11am-12pm Hands on training & demo

12pm- 12:30pm Lunch

12:30pm- 1pm Set up for client (doll head) 

1pm- 3pm Live model (instructor demo)

day two:

10am-12pm Set up, doll head training (volume)

12pm-12:30pm Lunch break

12:30-1:00pm Set up for live model (not provided)

1:00pm-3:00pm Live model

(you must confirm you have a live model)

What comes in your kit.. 
- Doll eyes (to practice at home)
- Lash bible (sanitation, disinfection etc.)
- Tweezers (3 isolation, classic, volume)
- Lash mirror (to check work)
- Nano mister (to cure the lashes)
- Lash fan  
- Glue rings 
- Gel pads 
- Mascara wands, micro brushes,
lip applicator brushes
- Glue 
- Primer 
- Remover 
- Lash shampoo + brush 
- Lash trays in D and C curl (9-15mm)


When requesting a date, please include the date you wish to take your training. Once its been approved, you'll receive a confirmation email. 

Eyelash Implants
Licensed or certified 

$150 deposit required

Our refresher lash training is a one day class from 10am-1pm to learn lashing techniques we use on our clients. Our accredited lash educator Christina has been in the lashing industry for 8+ years! You'll be able to watch her lash and ask as many questions as you need to feel confidant with your clients. Not only will you pick up new lashing techniques but you'll also receive 15% off lash supplies!

- Lash certefication 
- Hands on training with doll head
- 15% off lash supplies
- On going support 
Gift bag (lash supplies to test out)
Adding Lashes

Refresher training 


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