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Meet Christina My

I'm 28 years old and have been in the lash industry for 8 years. In 2019 I decided to open up a lash boutique, Bougie Beauty. I've been working extremely hard to turn my dream into reality. Lashing has been a passion of mine ever since I was able to make other woman such as myself, feel more confident and beautiful, just by having lashes. I believe everyone deserves to feel their best and most confident and for myself lashes have been a huge part of that.  I was born with a lazy eye, one eye is slightly smaller than the other. Having lashes make them look more even and gives me the confidence I need to become successful. Yes I know, beauty isn't everything but when you feel your best, you feel like you can accomplish anything. I believe in great quality for an affordable price. I've come a long way and cant wait to build a team with other woman who have just as much passion as I do in this industry.  

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